God as justice, not dogma

by Angelo J. Letizia This essay tries to illustrate how the question of God’s existence can be approached quasi-scientifically or quasi-empirically. This however is not a dogmatic conception of God, rooted in ritual and passivity. Rather, this essay argues for … Continue reading God as justice, not dogma

Marxism: Dead or alive?

by Zoltan Zigedy  Twenty years ago Marxism was in retreat. Actually, it had been in retreat much earlier than the fall of the Soviet Union and Eastern European socialism a decade before the end of the twentieth century. But certainly the dissolution of the USSR marked a dramatic and, for many, a surprising finale. Communism, the revolutionary expression of Marxism, was the official ideology of states that contained roughly 40% of the world’s population as late as the nineteen eighties. At the same time, in many other countries, Communists were formidable political forces possibly in reach of political power or, … Continue reading Marxism: Dead or alive?