A Journal of the Plague Year 2021: The Distasteful State of the Union

I know that evening’s empire has returned into sand
Vanished from my hand…

And the ancient empty street’s too dead for dreaming…

It’s just a ragged clown behind
I wouldn’t pay it any mind
It’s just a shadow you’re seeing that he’s chasing

—Bob Dylan, “Mr. Tambourine Man”

by Sanjay Perera

AMERICA is progressing upon the path of Banana Republicdom. While the supporters of the Great Pretender think a fraudulent election in which the dead voted is legitimate have their Shady Joe in office (and yet don’t seem to be rejoicing much): those who voted legally and actually gave the presidency back to Donald Trump have thus far kept their simmering frustration under control. The not acting out of righteous and justified indignation on a national scale by Trump supporters (and Trump himself) while laudable from one perspective also reveals the extent to which the American public has been tamed

At least over half of America who voted for Trump have not only been unconfrontational but are watching uneasily as the Biden regime rolls out its agenda of divide and rule: the old tactic of fragmenting society via the modern dogma of political correctness. This attempt to strain unity in society is played out by the heightened attempts to confuse differences between male and female; enforcing conformity, racism and the persecution of anyone who disagrees with the Democrat cabal; grotesque censoring of free speech by Big Tech, and utterly biased reporting by a media that operates as a propaganda organ similar to that of authoritarian states (orchestrated clumsily by the increasingly obvious slimy tentacles of the oligarchy).

Though there are some right-thinking citizens in the US standing up and showing some form of resistance in trying to take their country back: the revolutionary spirit of America appears to be dead. The lack of such fire is also shown in those still supporting the senile Pretender: these people have no interest in American Independence—they seem particularly interested in becoming lobotomised as they follow decrees issued by an oligarchy-owned Democratic party (with the help of some soulless Republicans). The Democrats and their fans have no creative ideas to push; there is no promotion of new or critical thought to create prosperity and wealth for all other than being mired in fear of a questionable pandemic which has conveniently sent entrepreneurial thinking, small businesses and employment into a tailspin. Unless more people decide to take a stand and disobey the puppet regime of the oligarchy things are going to get worse.

For those who still think the US is not in a bizarre state: do note that while the Great Pretender seems to be in hiding most of the time (not only behind a mask), it is Sidekick Harris who mainly deals with foreign leaders; the Capitol is still an occupied zone with troops ‘protecting’ it from heaven knows what; the Usurper has also not delivered that quaint speech known as the State of the Union (but mumbled something recently about virus, pandemic, vaccines, etc.), and he is sending out more ‘stimulus’ money which while helpful to certain citizens (made needy by a convenient pandemic) will become an unsustainable outflow soon thereby leading not only to an even greater deficit and higher taxes for some but the guaranteed devaluation of the dollar.

At what point will people wake up and realise they have been duped big time?

This is disempowerment at its best: there is nothing democratic about an America hijacked by a bunch of scoundrels owned by the oligarchy. They are not only running the US into the ground but also other economies that are dependent on a strong American economy: not that it matters much these days since the mass delusion of mask wearing and fear of The Virus is grinding the rest of the global economy into dust.

The point is that while there are those who do call out a dictatorship-in-the-making represented by the Biden regime: many Americans seem to think there is a legitimate government in place, and that the Great Masked Pretender was in some way elected president. The US is a country that has undergone a coup by the oligarchy. It is no longer a democratic country: all those who keep saying/thinking they are still in a democracy are living in denial. The need to face the truth is even more important for those who are going on about how in the next ‘elections’ they will put in new representatives and remove many of the current traitorous and corrupt politicians at all levels.

What ‘elections’ are they talking about? Do they mean the ‘elections’ that will somehow now after the engineered removal of Trump become transparent, accountable, and free from Dominion voting machines? That the Supreme Court will suddenly recognise and take up arms against voter fraud and be interested in justice? Is it any surprise that the oligarchy is getting away with their ouster of Trump through a rigged election?

How is Trump going to be ‘re-elected’ in such a system? Attempts to talk about such a ‘re-election’ are but false admissions that the Great Pretender was legally elected in the first place. Claims by those who say they are law-abiding and do not want to openly challenge the unelected Biden regime—which is the thin dull-witted edge of the oligarchy’s wedge—should honestly re-examine why they are obedient under an illegitimate regime. It is not that all of those who know that all is not well in the US live in fear; there are brave people and Republicans who have defied the ludicrous mask mandate of a dubious pandemic, opened their states and local economies, and have started to free their people from the oppression of the totalitarian loving Democrats and the treacherous Republicans in cahoots with them.

There are people courageous enough to support the US Constitution openly in these precarious times of the lying dog-faced pony soldier Biden regime as in standing up for the principle the Second Amendment enshrines: which surely includes the right of citizens to bear arms against a rogue regime and a totalitarian system in the making—the need to do so against the puppets trying to dismantle any resistance to the oligarchy’s takeover of the US and its undisguised attempts to destroy the Constitution. Those Americans who still believe in liberty must take a stand against this. And it is not a coincidence that the NRA is moving to Texas which is a good place to make that stand.

But the principal reason for the entirely defensive moves by those who may be in the know that they are living in a country taken over by the oligarchy is that they are operating among a lot of people who have been conditioned—not just through an education system which in some places has produced re-education gulags showcasing Cancel Culture—through tuning in to the mainstream media. Even with limited use of Big Tech social media and more effective use of alternate media platforms by dissenters getting the message out to most of what is truly going on is a severe challenge due to the sad acceptance of what the mainstream says and ingrained obedience to edicts: even when it is contrary to good sense and health. This addiction to the mainstream media must be broken. 

It is through the media that the spread of a dubious pandemic, its purported deaths and the orders to wear masks (even more layers of masks are recommended by the untrustworthy) are transmitted. This propagation of fear is a way of exercising control over the populace; the misuse of security officials to enforce the harmful mask mandate not only in the US but many other states, shows the extent to which governments are under the thumbs of the oligarchy. Why governments are following and publicising the edicts of unelected officials from the WHO and violating all democratic principles by making their citizens follow the diktats of a bureaucratic body cannot be explained other than they are following the orders of others behind the scenes. For:

Since when were governments suddenly so coordinated?

Since when were governments and the media suddenly in perfect sync in promoting fear and mask wearing?

The lines of control pulling governments this way and that are being revealed but only to those who bother to look closely.

If people stopped listening to the mainstream media all the time it would be almost impossible to be controlled. This bears careful thought. If most people did not take seriously so-called pandemic deaths, did not listen to devious reporters or obey mask mandates, nor were aware of propaganda to get them into mass vaccination facilities: it would be quite difficult for the oligarchy to disrupt lives; ruin the economy; force children to be harmed with constant mask wearing, damage their ability to interact with a broader family circle and other kids or limit their ability to make friends; and to be vaccinated for no reason.

(It seems that in all instances of reported post-vaccination deaths never has the vaccine been cited as the cause of death. The question: when do you blame the vaccine for triggering the cause of death? Responses indicate that you can never blame the vaccine. Most convenient).

In other words, how would control of the populace be managed if people no longer listened to fear based propaganda? The only way to have mass control over people is through the mass media: from which follows the active censorship taking place via Big Tech of dissenting views by those who have a significant following.

And that is the purpose of making what was generally regarded as a bastion of democratic freedoms, America, into a state that promotes fear among its people run by those who have not been given a democratic mandate (but insist on a mask mandate for others). It is becoming like any other authoritarian regime run by a junta: and is it any wonder that even those states which deny democratic rights to its citizens would also listen to unelected characters in the WHO and pass on dictates of bureaucrats who decide what the rest of us should do and how we live? The world is well on its way to being governed by the unelected while the semblance of elections that do take place are becoming meaningless since governments do not answer to the electorate but to bureaucrats and those who control them from the shadows. 

Which is also why at some point Sidekick Harris will take over decrepit Biden so that she would be doubly removed from any electoral mandate: she would be the unelected running mate of an unelected fellow: she would be completely answerable to the oligarchy. And any attempts to criticise Harris would be cited as a violation of the iron laws of political correctness.

All eyes are on America. What it does in the days ahead will make a difference on how the oligarchy makes its remaining moves to consolidate its control and push its agenda.

Trump has an important role to play in this. What he does, how he galvanizes support, and how he still tries to defend the integrity of the Constitution will make him more than just a mythical figure in time to come; it will establish him as more than the first public figure who was making a difference as he stood up against—and was removed by—the oligarchy in an age of technological abuse, censorship, hyper-surveillance, and a convenient pandemic that has sent so many everywhere scurrying farcically in masks.

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