A Journal of the Plague Year 2021: The Oligarchy makes its final moves

There will be no curiosity…But…do not forget this…always there will be the intoxication of power, constantly increasing and constantly growing subtler. Always, at every moment, there will be the thrill of victory, the sensation of trampling on an enemy who is helpless. If you want a picture of the future, imagine a boot stamping on a human face— forever.

Orwell, 1984

by Sanjay Perera

[Update, 20 Jan. 2021: If the Biden regime takes over fully from this day on, some of the early targets under the rubric of ‘domestic terror’ and the like will be Trump and his supporters; before long Biden will ‘step down’ and sidekick Harris will take over. When issues are raised over this, those making the comments will be attacked on the basis of political correctness.]

There are two types of beings that represent what may be the takeover of the US government by an illegitimate Biden administration:

First—an ungainly and ungodly being whose stitches connecting its various parts are starting to show and unravel: even as it still holds the undead thing together. The being is composed of different parts from dead bodies (like the Frankenstein monster) that have been put together to create a creature of the night animated by dark forces; it is an entity representative of an oligarchy trying to control whatever it can. The most visible players of the oligarchy include a majority of the US Congress, judicial system, justice department and, soon, the executive branch: when the great pretender usurps the American presidency. 

The other parts of the oligarchy are Big Media and Big Tech which are not only spewing false narratives constantly but censoring in the most disgraceful and blatant manner anything that does not fit scenarios within the framework of their agenda.

Second—the oligarchy comes in the form of the elders or ancient ones from the past reflected most accurately by H.P. Lovecraft. (The pictures in this piece are examples of Lovecraftian beings).

Evil is far more difficult to cleanse away than most imagine. Which is why so far in all that is promoted by the rioters who claim to be ‘anti’ fascists and the US Democrats who adore them: fear is what they stand for. They are the representatives not of hope but fear, lockdowns, censorious shutdowns of free speech or discussion of irregularities in the democratic process. There is only the exhortation of hate against Trump and his supporters who happen to be at least half of the citizenry. There is not the slightest tolerance of dissent which is indicative of totalitarianism in the making.

Indeed, many of the so-called protestors and activists who disingenuously portray themselves as ‘anti-fascists’ have resorted to nothing but violence, intimidation, and falsehood and have nothing to do with any serious ideas or ideals from the Left. These self-proclaimed ‘Marxists’ who do not seem to have been schooled properly in anything of value nor display any learning go around attacking others and smashing property emulating the fascist thugs of the 1930s.

Nothing in the vicious political correctness, hobbling of the spirit of enterprise and small businesses, storming of the US Capitol on January 6th, attacks on peaceful protestors who appear under the auspices of democratic practices to support whom they believe is their legitimately elected president: has anything to do with strengthening the ideas of the Left. What has occurred instead is a tarnishing and attempted destruction of any good in ideas from the Left.

In debilitating the reputation of the Left and destroying as much as possible of what is valuable from the Right: the goon squad of the Democrats is trying to bring down the USA and hasten the end of whatever remains of freedom of speech, thought, conscience, and enterprise. The agenda of the oligarchy includes not only control of events but information; their strategy is using their leverage on behemoths in the form of Big Media and Big Tech. The irony is that those who form this group of corporate giants used capitalistic forces to create their platforms but now prevent any others from creating their own wealth or raising themselves as competitors in the market (what remains of it): this is from the monopolistic playbook of the oligarchy.

What we are to be left with are a group of ultra-wealthy people who share a similar agenda; they do not censor the politicians and power brokers whom they support (and who support them) in the thus far visible form of the Democrats and turncoats among the Republicans—all of whom are quite wealthy as well. There is nothing of the Left in any of these people. There is not a single original or liberating idea from them apart from going against all forms of liberties that ensure individual empowerment, censorship of anyone who has a different idea from them, and reprisals on anyone who threatens their privileged positions. They have twisted the erstwhile class struggle into ensuring their elite class remains above everyone else. There is not a shred of worn-out fabric on their backs reminiscent of working-class attributes or behaviour among these Hollywood moguls, celebrities, politicians, and dictatorial managers of Big Tech. If anything, these are precisely the types to distrust most.

The wearing of the false crown—or corona—by the great pretender to the presidency in a capital gone into a security lockdown mode as if there is going to be a constant state of emergency is the start of what Lenin described as a dangerous but also potentially auspicious political moment known as ‘dual power’ (best described by Trotsky in The History of the Russian Revolution).[1] If the illegal inauguration happens as planned, it would initiate the start of dual power in the US.

There cannot be two legally elected presidents (Trump has not conceded): one of them has made false claims. And as long as doubts remain as to who has the legal and moral authority to a top post that can only be ascertained through legally cast and obtained votes (i.e., nothing that has an aura of fraud around it) there will in effect be a destabilising effect across America. Forces whose allegiance fall towards either person who is contending the post will carry on in a contentious manner irrespective of whether the two principals remain playing a prominent role in the future. The perception and claim that one side has brutally inveigled itself into power, a weakening economy enhanced by a dubious pandemic, impoverishment of the middle and working classes, possible forced vaccination: will lead to people across the US asserting their free will and conscience when they have had enough. They will inevitably fight back.

It is a pity that after America fought for its Independence, and endured such a bloody civil war, it is heading into revolutionary turbulence of a different kind again. But this is not a traditional ideological conflict for it is not actually one of the Left versus the Right, but of an oligarchy of the ultra-wealthy who influence many governments and control information who have turned technology and the media into surveillance and propaganda machines, respectively—against the rest of us. They are supported by bureaucratic, technocratic minions in governments/international organisations, and soulless reporters/hacks (masquerading as journalists) who prey on those who have given up their sense of sovereignty and capacity for critical thought and are mindlessly following whomever/whatever they are told to hate (or be fearful of); who have given up the capacity to look closely at who is manipulating the forces of rancour and constant fear.

The massive amounts of money to be dished out and spent by an incoming Biden cabal when the country cannot sustain such debt for long is meant to increase dependence on handouts and take away the use of initiative from people. This will result in not only preventing people from the expression of their creativity and enterprise towards forging a meaningful life of self-reliance and wealth creation: but it will lead to a collapse of the US dollar due to unmanageable inflation (with global repercussions); it will inaugurate the issuance of an advanced banana republic currency that will be conveniently digitised and unaccountable (beyond auditing) under the control of Big Tech and its backers.

And be not surprised that as domination is enacted over many with this new currency the dollar may get a new name and be aptly called: Dominion.

If Trump does not do the necessary and invoke something akin to the Insurrection Act which has been used before in what seems to be his last days in any office: all hell will in some form or another break loose.

By acting decisively, the President will fulfil his oath to preserve, protect, and defend the Constitution: before that too is destroyed.

End note:

[1] Alternative institutions and power centres may arise challenging the status quo and could lead to new forms of doings things which can move people out of the old ways that kept them under the control of the Oligarchy.

[Picture above: lovecraft-wiki; featured picture:bookstr.]

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