Dear Friends

[Please Note: We will not be accepting essays for the moment. However, occasional pieces that have been solicited may appear. Thank you for your interest.]

Philosophers for Change is a free site and welcomes essays on postcapitalism and ideas emanating from it.

It is a site for the ideas of thinkers, philosophers and activists and meant for the like-minded and a readership of the educated public. It is not meant for academic articles as such.

Word length and synopsis

Articles should be between 4,000 and 12,000 words.

For unsolicited submissions: Pieces are not to be more than 8,000 words. Also, kindly send in a synopsis of what you propose to write about of not more than 800 words before making a submission. Writers are requested to please give a brief background of themselves and how they expect to be credited at the end of the article. Writers are invited to write in their personal capacity and not as representatives or office holders of organisations (unless requested to do so).


References should be in a readable and reasonable manner. Notes are to be set as endnotes and placed at the end of the article. References are meant to inform and clarify rather than be lengthy. Please only refer to works that you have read and kindly avoid self-citation as far as possible.


Articles should be submitted as email attachments in Microsoft Word for Windows (preferably the 2013 version). 

It will also help if the article is typed in one document (preferably using font size Times New Roman,12 and single spacing) as a single piece avoiding cut and paste from different files, etc.

Articles that have been put together with some parts copied and pasted from elsewhere (especially if the format is different whether it is from another file or the Net) with sections that are written tend to create alignment problems and so are difficult to read when uploaded.

Thank you for support and interest.


Sanjay Perera